My favorite food movie scenes

There is nothing better than watching movies that involve food.  If you are a food junky like I am, you may relate with me.

One of my all time favorite movies that involve food is Lady and the Tramp. I  mean isn’t this scene the most romantic scene you’ve ever seen?  Well I think it is and let me tell you that the best part is that they are sharing a meatball.  I just think that love and food are the perfect combination. #foodwindatlove


Animated GIF


Another favorite of mine is Eat Pray Love.  This movie is just everything you should at least do once in your life.  Obviously the one you do the most is Eat.  So let me just say that Julia Roberts looks perfect eating this slice of pizza.  I actually feel like eating a slice right now, I mean just look at it… Isn’t it just PERFECT. #Pizzaisperfect

Animated GIF


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